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Writing is recognition

FEELING PIECES are those connections we make with ourselves and with other people when we listen to their stories, when we reflect on them. When their stories resonate with us and trigger emotions and thoughts - then we are inspired.

FEELING PIECES is writing therapy

We think all the time, our head works non-stop. This often involves trying to understand our feelings and thoughts. We try to process certain experiences or overcome fears. We are looking for answers, the "feeling pieces". Writing helps us to find these answers by putting all our thoughts on paper, structuring them, reflecting on them and thus being able to take different, new perspectives. FEELING PIECES is writing therapy.

What is writing therapy?

Writing is therapeutic. Writing allows you to reflect on stressful events of the past, current problems, but also wishes or hopes in writing. Writing therapy helps you to perceive and understand moods, feelings, thoughts, experiences, behaviours and their connections. It also helps you to discover new perspectives and new paths for yourself.

Anyone who has ever written a diary for a period of time knows how helpful it is to write down one's thoughts. It is like talking to a confidant and venting one's feelings. Some people even write the daily entries in letter form, addressed to fictitious or even real people.

Writing therapy helps you find answers

Writing is relieving because you can reveal yourself completely and uninfluenced (to yourself). In this way you can give vent to all your most intimate thoughts and worries. And you find access to yourself and also to other people. You discover your innermost being and learn to put your thoughts and feelings into words. This way you can concretise and understand them. It also helps you to get a certain distance to your own problems, fears and worries. Because by writing them down you can reorganise your thoughts.

Writing therapy is based on the principle of helping people to help themselves. With the help of various methods and writing exercises, the individual sessions of writing therapy are about identifying your behavioural patterns, which you then work on for yourself - with the support of writing therapy.

In therapeutic writing it is the process that counts, not the result

In this way, writing helps you to relieve stress and boost your creativity. However, writing therapy is not about quality, expression or style. You are not writing for an external audience, but primarily for yourself. It is not the result that counts, but the process of writing itself.

The aim is to work out tools and opportunities for you to overcome your challenges.

The FEELING PIECES Manifesto for Therapeutic Writing

I can write.

Every person who has learned to read and write can write. And we think, we dream, we fantasise - so we can also write all this down. So we can all write. In therapeutic writing there is no right and no wrong. Nothing is too insignificant, too ridiculous or too stupid to be written down.


Each issue of my newsletter is dedicated to a particular theme, and I will provide you with both one of my stories and some writing exercises that invite you to reflect, discover feelings, heal, or just spend some time with yourself.

About me

I am Ralf. I have been writing for many years - privately and professionally, creatively and therapeutically. I write for fun, but also to reflect on what I have experienced, to process it and to find answers.

I am currently training to become a systemic therapist and consultant. I am also a certified resilience trainer and writing therapist - when I realized that writing is a form of therapy, I took the training at the IEK Institute for Relaxation Techniques and Communication in Berlin in 2019.

With FEELING PIECES, I offer counseling and writing therapy for anyone who enjoys writing and wants to get to know themselves better through writing and find solutions to their own challenges.


Would you like to try writing therapy? Or do you have any questions? Then feel free to contact me.